Lightweight URGESTALT DISC Frame

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368 000 Р

Доставка велосипедов по Москве, в пределах МКАД - бесплатно.

Доставка по МО - 50 руб за каждый километр от МКАД.

The new URGESTALT DISC opens a new chapter for Lightweight in the construction of bike frames. The initial idea was as simple as it was challenging as the frame is the essential link between the wheels and the rider. Key aspects of these developments were most efficient power transmission, best directional stability and maximum stiffness.

For the second generation of URGESTALT the engineers in Friedrichshafen started where they did with the first: from scratch. Their mission was to improve all performance values while considering the implementation of latest technologies such as disc brakes, electronic gear-shifting systems and the mounting of measuring devices.

The hard work was rewarded with the best and most versatile race bike frame that Lightweight has ever built. The new URGESTALT DISC is a further step in the evolution of the perfect racing bike.

  • fork
  • headset
  • thru axle
  • compressor
  • carbon spacers
  • clamp for seat post
  • clamp for seat post
  • RD hanger for Urgestalt frame
  • owner's manual
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